Dye Sublimation Printing Australia: InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Inks.

With a sublimation ink set, transfer paper, and sublimation blanks or polyester-based fabrics, you can make just about any kind of custom item you can think of! Custom coffee mugs, mousepads, license plates, cell phone cases, baseball caps, polyester sportswear, promotional products are just some of the items you can produce for individual and corporate customers. With InkTec Australia products, getting into dye sublimation is very affordable, which can give your shop a major competitive advantage in sublimation printing!

Dye Sublimation Printing Australia

How do I begin sublimating?

These are the items you'll need to get started:

- An Epson printer that is compatible with dye sublimation inks

- A Dye Sublimation ink set 4 or 6 colours

- Sublimation transfer paper

- A sublimation blank (this can be a special-made polyester-coated object like a  mug, aluminum plate, coaster, etc., or a polyester-based fabric material like a shirt, dress, cloth, etc.)

- A heat press designed for your chosen substrate, in general, there are four types:

-> mug/bottle presses,
-> cap presses,
-> flat presses, for fabrics and all things flat,
-> and 3D vacuum presses, for unique shaped items.

Print out a mirrored version of the design you want to sublimate and place the printed side onto your substrate ( sublimation blank). Next, place that blank into the appropriate heat press and follow the heating directions that came with the blank. Once the piece is ready, peel off the transfer paper and let it cool. You just made a custom item!

What can InkTec Australia can do to make it easier and cheaper?

In general, to get into sublimation, you are expected to buy an expensive sublimation printer and then expected to buy often highly overpriced sublimation ink. At InkTec Australia, we believe in providing alternatives that put the customer first!

We can provide the products and expertise necessary to convert an ordinary, off-the-shelf EPSON printer ( wide format or desktop) into a dedicated dye-sub machine that can be refilled with our InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation ink .
We strongly advise using our full range of products and solutions for the best performance, including our refillable cartridges for sublimation printers and also our High-Quality sublimation transfer paper available in a4 and A3 sizes.

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