About InkTec


About InkTec

InkTec Company has been developing and supplying top quality consumables since 1992 on the basis of its own unique technologies and has become one of the leaders in the world market of ink-jet printing. During this time, we received many international awards and certificates. Thanks to efforts and research costs, the newest equipment and highly qualified specialists working in our laboratories, InkTec has gained recognition and trust of users in 120 countries of the world. Unlike some manufacturers who offer their products, obtained by simple mixing of cheap raw materials, InkTec promotes the technology of printing device support, and therefore extends the life of your printer!


We offer high-quality pigment and dye desktop inks, sublimation ink InkTec at reasonable prices, for the convenience of users in the original packaging of 100ml. For service centres for the maintenance of printers, an economical 1L and 20L packaging is indispensable. On products, we always indicate the expiration date and the batch of production, which indicates 100% quality assurance and traceability. Compatibility is indicated strictly in accordance with the models of printers, in InkTec you will not find "universal" ink. Each printer is unique in terms of device and type of print head, printing speed and spraying technology.

SubliNova Smart Dye Sublimation Ink can be used with both direct printing on fabrics and traditional heat transfer process with transfer paper. It has superior printing quality in various printing environments as well as jetting stability in long term printing with various printers on the market.

Before using InkTec Dye Sublimation Ink in a Continuous Ink Supply System or Refillable Cartridges is mandatory rinsing of the printer's print head and (or) if necessary CISS and cartridges from the remains of old ink are required.

InkTec Sublimation DTI Inks can be used with any Epson print head with Piezo technology. Printing is carried out on a special paper for thermal transfer. To transfer the image to the fabric, you need to use a Heat Press.

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